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thepromoteclub's Journal

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no joining required.
no rules.

but please put this hot banner in your journal/community userinfo.
if you leave a comment on my journal with a link to your userinfo,
i will promote the community of your choice in this userinfo.
which receives on average almost one thousand hits per day.

abercrombie, abercrombie and fitch, absolut, alcohol, american eagle, anorexia, ashton kutcher, bacardi, banana republic, bands, banners, barbie, baseball, beach, beautiful, blink 182, boys, bright eyes, britney spears, burberry, cameras, carmen electra, cars, chad michael murray, cheerleading, christina aguilera, cigarettes, coach, college, connecticut, cunt, damn, dashboard confessional, donnie darko, drums, eating, eating disorders, fallout boy, family, fast cars, fifty cent, flipflops, food, football, free, friends, ghetto, girls, glassjaw, gorgeous, gothic, green day, gucci, guitar, gym class heroes, hawt, health, hilary duff, hollister, horses, hot, hot pink, hot topic, howie day, icons, intelligent, jokes, jude law, justin timberlake, lacoste, layout, layouts, lindsay lohan, lips, lipstick, lj icons, local bands, mall, marijuana, money, movies, music, newports, news, nicky hilton, no joining, nsync, orlando bloom, pamela anderson, paris hilton, perfect, perfection, photography, pictures, pink, popular, popularity, preppy, preps, promote, promoting, promotions, punk, punks, r&b, rap, rate, rating, rating communities, rich, school, sexy, shop, shopping, shows, skanks, skateboarding, skiing, skinny, sluts, smart, smoking, snowboarding, soccer, songs, spam, spammers, spamming, sports, strawberries, sublime, sunny day real estate, surf, surfing, taking back sunday, taking pictures, tan, tanning, tara reid, the academy is, the early november, thirteen, thongs, thursday, usher, vodka, volleyball, weed, wendy's, whores